[clug] IPP interface into windows printing?

Francis James Whittle fudje at phreaker.net
Thu Sep 2 07:59:09 GMT 2004

On Thu, 2004-09-02 at 14:01 +1000, Michael James wrote:
> Users want to be able to print.
> Trouble is, there are more printers
>  than I want to maintain on a print server.
> But all these printers are up on windows print servers
>  and CUPS works over Internet Printing Protocol (IPP).
> So I just need to set 2 environment variables,
> 	CUPS_SERVER=<IPP_server>
> 	PRINTER=<print_q_name>
>  and I can print with no local configuration required.
> Do windows print servers offer their printers over IPP?

They can, provided the IPP services are installed and configured.  I
suspect it's harder to set up than CUPS, but have no personal experience
with this.  Also, I suspect that you need to download stuff except for
server 2003.

> Is there a way of getting the printer list
>  out of a windows print server?

Probably.  But it wouldn't work the same way as CUPS, obviously.  Again,
I have no personal experience with this,  only trying to do things the
other way -- which didn't work very easily.

> It's a big ask but it would be good,
> michaelj
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