[clug] VoIP question

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Wed Oct 27 12:53:05 GMT 2004

At 09:54 PM 24/10/2004, Brad Hards wrote:
>On Sun, 24 Oct 2004 21:28 pm, Eyal Lebedinsky wrote:
> > One problem. When the headset is connected the speakers automatically
> > disconnect. So he cannot hear the ringtone when I call him.
>How about a cheap set of external speakers (just one would do) and a double
>adapter plug for the speakers / headset?

I think you'll find that the problem is that Skype actually turns the sound 
levels down on the non-used inputs and outputs (at least on that card - on 
my dual-soundcard 2000 machine, Skype turns all the levels down on the 
soundcard that has the headset plugged into it, but leaves the other levels 
alone.)  So just attaching another speaker is fruitless.

What you need is a macro program that, on Skype's exit or if Skype isn't 
running, can turn the sound levels back to normal.  Or a little desktop 
icon (like Wizmo) may be able to do such a thing manually.



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