[clug] October Canberra Linux Users Group meeting

Francis James Whittle fudje at phreaker.net
Tue Oct 26 03:17:49 GMT 2004

I think if the *MPAA* turn up, we have the right to attack them with
samurai death pizza crusts boomerangs.  This isn't the USA.

I don't remember opening DVDs as such being wrong, or if it is, that is
neither the MPAA's problem.  Breaking CSS nonencryption is.

As for the FTA, my sentiment is some things were just meant to be
broken.  In this case there's a few heads lolloing around that are
likely candidates.  If it does mean it's a most heinious crime for
someone who's heard this talk to continue living after the FTA is passed
(Liberals in the lower House, Liberals in the Senate.  Like that's not
gonna happen), then I suppose that means the only thing really stopping
us from going on vigilante against FTA, MPAA, RIAA, CIA, and other TLAs
and FLEAs is our sense of moral high ground, as we can't really get in
any more trouble, can we?

Suicidal-death-squadron lieutenant (that's *lef*tenant, luv) fudje out.

On Tue, 2004-10-26 at 10:18 +1000, Darren Freeman wrote:
> On Tue, 2004-10-26 at 08:00, Andrew Pollock wrote:
> > 	Abstract:	Bob is going to give a talk about some recent 
> > 			investigations he has made into the state of of some of
> > 			the DVD libraries, and present some C code to open a DVD, read some content from it, and display some individual frames.
> we will be eating pizza while Bob is tortured by the MPAA, right?
> Whilst it will become even more illegal (and hence morally wrong / evil)
> with the FTA implemented, it's still illegal now anyway.
> Good ol' copyright law. But don't let that stop you!
> I think after the FTA it will become illegal for us to continue living
> after hearing the talk.
> Have fun,
> Darren

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