[clug] (OT-probably)The Sendmail virus explained

jan janmar at iprimus.com.au
Thu Oct 21 06:52:56 GMT 2004

"E" <kane at areujoking.com> writes:

> I recall some time back someone making a comment that an windows tech had
> described sendmail as a virus.
> I was wondering how anyone could be so utterly clueless as to refer to
> sendmail as a virus. (don't ask me why, but this just stuck in my head, and
> bugged me)
> Today I found a piece of adware/malware on an XP box which was called
> sendmail.
> I suppose that's a logical explanation.

Or perhaps they'd read `The UNIX-HATERS Handbook', which is now
available as a free download (I highly recommend it). Here are a few
quotes about sendmail from the book:

  Not having sendmail is like not having VD.

  I'm rather surprised that the author of sendmail is still walking
  around alive.

  The thing that gets me is that one of the arguments that landed
  Robert Morris, author of "the Internet Worm" in jail was all the
  sysadmins' time his prank cost. Yet the author of sendmail is still
  walking around free without even a U (for Unixery) branded on his


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