[clug] spam attacker

Ivan Leo Puoti puoti at inwind.it
Mon Oct 11 22:02:53 GMT 2004

>This is the wrong way to approach the problem. Hosting costs very
>little, whereas processing credit card numbers costs the merchant a
>significant amount per transaction.
>Being on the other side of the hosting issue, you are more likely to
>hurt the provider than the spammer, as they generally use fraudulent
>credit card numbers themselves when signing up for the services.
I don't see how this can hurt the hosters. If they don't get the money, why
should they want to provide bullet proof hosting? If spammers swindle them, they
would just close all sites they get spam reports about. Also, entering a false
credit card number is probably illegal in most countries. I think that the
bandwidth of the people that hate spam is enormously bigger than the bandwidth
of spammers, so even if a fraction of non spammers flood their sites with
requests, the will come down. A sort of permanent net strike against spammers.


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