[clug] xkbcomp problems (and more)

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Mon Oct 11 12:37:17 GMT 2004


you can try the follow (as root)

invoke ppp

ppp ON "hostname">set device /dev/<serial port>
ppp ON "hostname">set speed 38400
ppp ON "hostname">set authname <ISP USERNAME>
ppp ON "hostname">set authkey <MY ISP PASSWORD>
ppp ON "hostname">term

This gets you the ppp termin setting. You won't get a prompt, so this is
where you pray

(modem replies)OK

 ppp ON "hostname">               # No link has been established
 Ppp ON "hostname">               # We've connected & finished LCP
 PPp ON "hostname">               # We've authenticated
 PPP ON "hostname">               # We've agreed IP numbers

if you don't get 3 x uppercase P's, authenication or connection failed,
you'll need to read the ppp man page to get to the log file info.

You can know use a ^Z and bg to send ppp to the background, then


to get the ppp address, which will be the external IP address from your ISP.

Milage may vary, do not use whilst operating heavy machinery

Steve W.

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Hi all,

My friend Arnold is 70 years of age. He recently (6 months ago) started to
use computers,
and, most impressively, ditched windows for linux. He is now useing
etc. etc. to talk to his friends around the world. His health has improved
due to this new lease on life. I have became his friend in the course of
helping him
with the various problems that come up in maintaining a linux box.
I have new appreciation for the complexity of a linux system, and i think
what Arnold has done is quite heroic really. Because he lives in a
location I can't just visit him, but i've taught him what "local address" is
and so I can ssh into his box when he's online and fix/install this and
Keep in mind that Arnold can barely type, let alone comprehend and do a
"ln -s libcrypto.so.0.9.6 libcrypto.so.0; ldconfig".

So, he rings me tonight. His machine is broke again. When he does a "startx"
(xdm died
some time ago) he reports problems associated with xkbcomp, and the X server
is stopped.
We did some telephone tinkering, but I really have no idea. He is useing
mandrake 10.

I'm upset that Arnold is now thinking of quiting computers all together!
We all know what it's like; I told him to calm down. I won't be able to
visit Arnold for a week or more, so any help much appreciated.

Another possibility: how does one start ppp on the command line, so I could
do some
remote tinkering ? Still, even if he went online, I wonder how I could get
his local address.

Finally, if anyone else is as impressed as I am by Arno's drive, you can
send an
email of support/encouragement to astruz at bigbond dot com.

bye for now,


Simon Burton, B.Sc.
Licensed PO Box 8066
ANU Canberra 2601
Ph. 61 02 6249 6940
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