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Thu Oct 7 22:09:32 GMT 2004


I did reply to yoursuggestions and comments but I don't think it got 

Yes, I would like to take you up on your kind offer of DSL on disk. That 
would be great and I can take my concept from there.

If Apple doesn't accept Knoppix, that sort of destroys plan A as I was 
after universiality and non dependence of the e book on the OS. The plan 
was a CDROM that stood alone. Plan B would be to try HTML and plan C is 
to carry on doing what I'm doing now, that is, converting OO to docs and 
then using Acrobat distiller.

The reason why I have to use Acrobat distiller is because interdocument 
hyperlinks are not picked up when OO converts to PDF - in fact I suspect 
that no hyperlinks are picked up. I had the same problem with docs 
although Adobe claims they hyperlonks are picked up with distiller. The 
other reasons why I use Distiller is because it allows tidying up, minor 
format and editorial changes to the final PDF document.

Why do I need interdocument hyperlinks? Because I write large textbooks 
and it is just too unwieldy working in one large document compared with 
separate sections linked from a contents page by hyperlinks.

For the great Australian novel MS Reader is the way to go but it is not 
suitable for a large textbook. It is one doument and does not handle 
graphics as well as PDF. One other advantage of plan A would have been 
that I could use live spreadsheets in the book as everything would have 
been in native OO.

What would be a good HTML program for converting OO to HTML?


David Hornby

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