[clug] Mutt poweruser question (custom headers)

Nathan Rickerby nathan at dknx.net
Fri Oct 1 02:10:09 GMT 2004

>Does anyone know how I can setup something so I can have this as an option,
>where I can hit some keys and the header(s) will get added to the message?

I'm no mutt poweruser but in the absence of any sensible suggestions,
I'll offer my attempt.

macro compose r ":set editor=\"cat ~/rreciept.ed | ed -\"<enter>E:set editor=\"vi\"<enter>"

rreciept.ed being a file containing the following

Return-Receipt-To: "ius, trw" <uty at oiu.aut>

There may be all sorts of things wrong with this and numerous ways
to do it more correctly, but it seems to work okay for me.

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