[clug] Powerbook G4

Fergus McKenzie-Kay fergusm at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 22:32:45 GMT 2004

Hey Guys,
I'm looking into a nice shiny Powerbook G4.. not really sure about the
size yet.  Does anyone in Canberra have a nice linux setup on one of
the new powerbooks?
I've had a bit of a google and it looks like the suspend-to-ram is not
working, though this might have recently changed:

Is everything else working?  It looks like the wireless card might not
be supported yet either.. but it's easy enough to stick in a PCMCIA
card.. that's not a big worry. As long as the most useful things are
working that's all I'm after.

Anyone with experiences let me know.. at this stage it looks like the
15inch is the best choice for linux support.

btw.. on a similar vain are there any knoppix style disks for ppc?  I
read a while ago about some yellowdog disk but it was unclear as to if
it works as nicely as knoppix on x86 does.


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