[clug] Buisness case for Open Sourcing some code

Michael James clug at james.st
Thu Nov 18 04:03:29 GMT 2004

On Thu, 18 Nov 2004 02:39 pm, you wrote:
> The best time to do this is before any code is written, for example
> by making it clear that you are utilising other people's code and
> the expectation is that you will reciprocate the favour.
> Unfortunately if CSIRO own the code you wrote and there's probably
> no financial incentive to giving it away. You best tack might be to
> argue that as a tiny project, it is cheap good will or it can be
> swapped for favours.

My argument goes along these lines:

As it stands it's not worth anything commercially.
I don't have time to make it into a commercial product,
 it meets enough of my needs as is.
On sourceforge it might garner free development effort,
 and CSIRO stands to be the first beneficiary.

Cost:nill + benefits:possible => positive outcome?

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