[clug] RE: Samba + OpenLDAP Presentation Progress

John Fletcher fletchweb at internode.net.au
Mon Nov 15 12:43:24 GMT 2004

Sounds good.  
I think it might be wise to tell us what debian you are running and what
setup is required and brush over step one on the night.  Can't help feeling
that this will all take a while... anyway I'll certainly be there with my

Would be nice if you distribute the files for any skipped sections somehow
and we could then still keep up?!  Not sure if that's feasible though.


As far as agenda goes, the night will go something like this:
  - Set up Debian boxen
  - Introduction to LDAP and schema, discussion of objectClass types
    to be used in this install
  - Install Samba and get it working
  - Install OpenLDAP and get it working
  - Demonstrate some GUI clients for LDAP
  - Demonstrate CLI maintenance of LDAP
  - Demonstration of foolishness of not securing LDAP with SSL,
    using tethereal
  - Install OpenSSL and get CA working
  - Configure OpenLDAP for SSL access
  - Configure PAM support for LDAP
  - Demonstrate server lockup when LDAP server disappears
  - Configure backup LDAP server and replication
  - Configure Samba to use LDAP for backend
  - Demonstrate network overload when using LDAP to replace /etc/passwd
  - Install nscd and compare network traffic, server load with
    non-cached traffic and load.
  - Demonstrate problems with caching of name service results
  - Demonstrate user administration using the IDEALX smbldap-tools
  - Discuss other uses for the LDAP directory (eg: address book)

The agenda will be adjusted to take about 2 hours - I may have to 
shortcut by doing the usual cooking show thing of showing the raw 
ingredients then pulling out "one I prepared earlier" and skipping from 
the LDAP introduction to the "Configure Samba to use LDAP for backend" 
step. I haven't timed the presentation yet.

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