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Mon Nov 15 12:03:16 GMT 2004

On Mon, Nov 15, 2004 at 08:24:40AM +1100, davidhornby wrote:
> About 5-6 years ago I could deposit a cheque through the ATM with the  
> Advance Bank before they were taken over by St George. You entered your  
> PIN # and the amount and your cheque through a special hole. You got a  
> receipt and a small photo copy of the cheque back.
> Now as far as I know, no bank allows this now. Just how far have we  
> advanced in banking technology?

Maybe they're trying to phase out cheques? Or at least discourage them.
Electronic tranfer is much simpler and easier for them to manage and
don't suffer the clearence issues. With internet banking anybody can do

The move is generally toward more electronic transactions.

Another nice thing about bank statements here in Holland is when
somebody tranfers something to your account you get the account number
it came from and the name associated with the account. No more guessing
about deposits on your accounts.
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