[shameless plug] Re: [clug] New script based Phishing makes Windows even less safe.

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at anu.edu.au
Wed Nov 10 23:55:42 GMT 2004

Your definition of "plain HTML" and mine are a little different.

Whilst I agree that the Commonwealth Bank site runs without requiring
Java support at the browser, it does require Javascript - arguably a
more insidious threat on some browsers. Requiring Javascript at the
browser disqualifies it from "plain HTML" in my book.


Bob Edwards.

Pearl wrote:
> Commonwealth also uses plain HTML with encryption and have for years.  They do 
> use java to display a banner ad though.  Why they choose to do this is beyond 
> my comprehension because as far as I can tell it is simply a plain banner ad.  
> All I know is if I don't have java installed the only thing that doesn't work 
> is the banner ad.  It works in Konqueror, Opera and Gecko based browsers (in 
> Windows and Linux).
> Pearl

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