[clug] Talk by Bryce Kampjes - Exupery - Smalltalk JIT written in Smalltalk

David Price david.price at anu.edu.au
Mon Nov 8 10:51:24 GMT 2004

Speaker: Bryce Kampjes
When: Sunday 14th of November 6:30pm
Where: RSISE Seminar room, ANU (see below for details)

Bryce Kampjes, a Squeak and Smalltalk expert is coming to Canberra on the 14th of November to talk about writing a Smalltalk JIT in Smalltalk.

Bryce is the lead developer of Exupery. Exupery works by having classes model the Assembler instructions of the target platform, then using those objects to build JITed code.

Come along to meet Bryce, see his work and learn more about Smalltalk in general.  You don't have to be an expert to get something out of his visit.


The only catch is that he's only in Canberra Sunday evening, and leaves too early Monday morning to be able to give a seminar then, hence the unusual time.

It's in building 115 (RSISE) as shown on the following map:


The building can be seen either by clicking on the building on the map, or by following this link:


The seminar room is in the bottom left of the picture.  I should hopefully be able to have the door (the one behind the white pillar) open.  Failing that, I'll need to let people in the glass doors to the right of that.

There is a tea/coffee room upstairs, which people can use provided they put money in the jar for whatever they use, and put their dirty mugs in the dishwasher.

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