[clug] Configuring a modem to answer

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Sun Nov 7 23:39:48 GMT 2004

On 6 Nov 2004, at 18:26, Michael Still wrote:

> ...t there is this consistent beeping over the top about once a 
> second, for about 20 - 30 seconds, and the handshake fails.

I'm guessing the handshake fails because the modems can't negotiate an 
appropriately high speed. Slow them down.

The tone you hear is called a guard tone, it's mainly used by Fax 
machines to tell the exchange equipment that yes, there really is 
something on the line.

> I assume that I need to put the modem which is answering (a v.90 modem 
> if that matters) into funky ISP answer mode.

Check the manual for the options of either:
  - not negotiating the highest speeds (start at 38kbps and work down)
  - only negotiating a known good speed (ie: 9600bps)

There should also be an option to turn off the guard tone, but that 
tone shouldn't be interfering with the modems' handshake.

Hope this helps

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