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Fri Nov 5 13:18:35 GMT 2004

Texas Instruments TMS320DA150 is a member of
TMS320 DSP processor family. Programming
it is like any 16 or 32 bit processor. DSP means, 
that it has very fast multiply and add hardware 
for fixed point, sometimes also for floating
point data types. DSP processors are optimised
for handling time series type data sets in real
time, like sound. As far as I know, GCC code 
generators for more common embedded CPUs like 
MicroChip 18X, Zilog Z80 (still with us), etc. 
are available for free from GNU site. 

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> Darren Freeman <daz111 at rsphysse.anu.edu.au> wrote:
> > What microcontroller / instruction set?
> Hmm... It turns out to be a DSP, not a CPU,
although I'm a little hazy
> on exactly where the line is drawn between DSP and
> It's a Texas Instruments TMS320DA150. That means
nothing to me, how
> about you? :)
> More info:
> > Sounds like the perfect excuse to join the GCC
team and make it 
> work!
> I can (sometimes) recognize when a project is way
outta my league.
> http://open.neurosaudio.com/
> I've added it to my TODO list, but it's a long way
> The other problem is the lack of an emulator for
the Neuros device. 
> TheTI emulator is apparently thousands of dollars,
maybe included 
> in the
> compiler suite. I'm not even nearly in the market,
so I haven't 
> checkedfor myself.
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