[clug] POP and iptables problem

Kim Holburn kim.holburn at anu.edu.au
Thu Nov 4 08:24:48 GMT 2004

On 2004 Nov 4, , at 2:16 PM, Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au wrote:

> Hi all,
> Last night I graciously volunteered my time to shift
> a community group's web access from dial-up to ADSL.
> In went a IPCop based firewall (very nice) and after
> some testing to ensure web and email worked OK, I cut
> the whole office over. Currently HTTP, DNS, POP & SMTP
> are the only ports allowed through. Further testing confirmed
> that web, SMTP and POP3 all worked.
> So I get a call this morning. No good deed goes un-punished...
> Whilst SMTP and web still work, POP3 from the Windows98
> desktop running Outlook does not. Outlook cannot retrieve
> mail and I get an error code that looks up as:
>    0x800   CCC0E FAILED_TO_CONNECT Cannot connect to server.
> Now if I telnet to port 110 on the pop server from that Win98
> desktop, I can establish a connection with the POP server and
> get "OK" messages most of the way through authentication (I don't
> have the password and the owner was out). I try (no success)
> adding port 995 (SSL) to the ruleset.

I have found that windows sometimes tries to ping a server before it 
tries to connect.  If the ping doesn't work it gives up, never trying 
the service.

> There is a possibility that the password stored in Outlook for
> that POP account is incorrect. The machine had a variety of
> backdoors and trojans (partially?) removed yesterday.
> Now, since I can connect to the POP server OK, I am inclined to
> think that the issue has nothing to do with the firewall. Is this
> a reasonable assumption? Or have I missed something important?
> Ideas?
> Antti
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