[clug] USB key recommendations

Darren Freeman daz111 at rsphysse.anu.edu.au
Wed Nov 3 22:34:58 GMT 2004

On Wed, 2004-11-03 at 14:22, Stephen Gibson wrote:
> I purchased a Transcend 256Mb USB stick for $66 
> from a September Computer Fair.

I purchased 11 or 12 for my department. I am very popular as a result =)

> Problems
> --------
> (1) The LED has never flashed.

I haven't had this.

> (2) Linux/parted did not like the partition structure, possibly 
>     something to do with the boot and security "features".
>     Once repartitioned it functions fine.

I was a little confused at first but I think I reformatted under Win2K
and then it worked. Never bothered to diagnose the problem.

> Features
> --------
> (1) Automagically mounts to /mnt/flash under Fedora Core2.

Same under Mandrake 10.0 but I suspect it isn't a feature of the device,
rather the distro. 

> (2) The packaging included a 50cm USB extension cable (for older
>     computers that have USB ports at the back).

I was really happy about this one because having more than ten in a
department guarantees you can make any length you need when you need it

I was a little surprised that it comes with a CD. I would have bought in
bulk to avoid all the redundant CDs and hard to open packaging but it
didn't seem to be an option.

> It does the job.

... flawlessly.

Which I suspect is exactly what most other brands do too but at least
you know with this one that it's all good. And has a Linux logo on the
packaging. I think Linux comes above Windows in the list too =)

> Steve.

Have fun,

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