[clug] December/Christmas CLUG meeting

Nerdvana - Stephen Walsh s.walsh at nerdvana.com.au
Mon Nov 1 05:40:15 GMT 2004

Good idea, but if we do do this, I would recommend that we organise a few
BBQ's of our own, as the plates at the public ones are generally of an
unknown state of hygiene. I'm happy to put one forward to make up for the
million service calls I always get on a Thursday night, and have therefore
been unable to attend the meetings themselves (silly people waiting till
payday to get their computer fixed.....)


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> What do people want to do for the December meeting? It's December 23, and
> personally won't be here (but that's not a huge loss). I understand that
> traditionally, a BBQ is involved. I've been fending off talks for this
> meeting until I knew what people wanted to do.

How about a BBQ at one of the lakes? There are also BBQ venues around
ANU, but I'm not sure about availability. The lake might also be a nice
change of scenery. This way, no-one needs to make their home available
(unless they really want to of course).


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