[clug] Anyone got any experience with MSI's MEGA 180?

Gareth Walters garethw at canberratechpark.com
Mon May 31 03:49:16 GMT 2004

Grahame Jordan wrote:

>Can I tell you of the 400 machines with Asus MB's I purchased for one
>organisation that resulted in every board needing replacement within the end
>of the first year, and what a painful drawn out process that was.
>However when the board was new everyone praised it.
>All to do with a faulty dialetric sold to asia in massive quantities which
>affected almost every electronic device from asia built in that period.  It
>smelt like conspiracy to me.
>My MSI at home died the same way.
You have my sympathy there have been about 200 machines at my current 
with this same problem, damn leaky capacitors. We are still trying toget 
a batch replaced under warranty
but they keep sending replacements back that have the same flaw.

---Gareth Walters

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