[clug] Anyone got any experience with MSI's MEGA 180?

Darren Freeman daz111 at rsphysse.anu.edu.au
Mon May 31 01:18:04 GMT 2004

On Sun, 2004-05-30 at 20:01, Wally wrote:
> I have had several MSI motherboards. They all have performed flawlessly.

> Maybe it is an issue with the newer boards? or perhaps their Athlon
> implementation? (I always use Intel)

I have been having problems with Socket-A so there is a possibility that
they don't put the same effort in that they do with Intel.

I am currently using an MSI VIA KT6 or whatever the 400MHz FSB board is.
I hate it. I have swapped it over on warranty already and have the same
fault again. It won't boot until you mess with the power supply like
crazy, such as switching off and on. Also sometimes it needs a good
whack to get it to boot - otherwise it doesn't detect the CPU. The
northbridge fan is really loud even though it's six months old.

That motherboard was purchased in haste and only because I got talked
into it when looking at the equivalently priced Asus motherboard. But
having had to swap it over long distance (it was bought in Adelaide) I'm
financially worse off and it's still a piece of crap.

Just looking at the board I think it's dodgy. They didn't even line up
the power transistors properly before soldering them on - I'm amazed
with that many barely aligned components they don't get a low yield or
high mortality rate.

> Anyway - I am very happy with mine.

And I'm bitterly disappointed. I've owned other MSI boards too and had
similar problems. The last one I sold secondhand to a friend and now the
AGP is screwed - both brand new video cards, an Nvidia and an ATI, are
unable to even play movies on either Windows XP or Knoppix. I believe
it's a data corruption problem in the AGP part of the Northbridge due to
the symptoms. Another friend with that model had the same fault.

> Cheers
> Wally

Have fun,

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