[clug] X server problem update

Prometheus prometheus at netspace.net.au
Sun May 30 13:48:28 GMT 2004

You are right about the lilo.conf stuff, but from what I found on
google, it also involves re-compiling the kernel and not selecting the
framebuffer support option. I tried to apt-get kernel-package, but
strangely enough I ran into dependency problems (need perl5 package,
which I could'nt get-perhaps a faulty mirror). Anyhow, I ended up
re-installing Debian and made sure I didn't include framebuffer support
when apt-getting XFree86. It works fine now, even though it took all


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I can't remember the details but it's something to do with the append=
line in lilo.conf.  Maybe something about vga16 or something like that. 
I can find out Monday if you want.

On Sun, 2004-05-30 at 20:04, Prometheus wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Update on my xserver problem...  it seems that I need to disable
> framebuffer support, but I don't know how to do this. Does anyone know
> how to do it in debian?
> ange
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