[clug] Cheap ADSL providers in Canberra

Irena and Richard Jenkins rjenkins at alphalink.com.au
Fri May 28 05:30:34 GMT 2004

No wish to start a flame war... REALLY!!

Now that the probability of Transact cable getting into my suburb (Flynn) has 
receded to about my chance of winning the lottery I have begun to look beyond 
my dialup connection at local isp offering 256k ADSL.

I have come across an isp offering 256k ADSL connection for $25 a month and I 
was wondering if any locals have had experience dealing with them.  In 
parenthesis I should say that I am seriously considering dipping my toe into 
the adsl stream ... and have seriously looked at TPG ($19.95 for 200Meg) and 
Exetel (sorry, we don't do Canberra,Queanbeyan).  If I bundle phone with 
adsl, then iinet have a good $25 bundle ... again with a 200Meg download 
limit.  Now I am dipping into adsl  ... but 200Meg at 256k seems only a short 
download time each month.  The excess download bills seem to be 
frightening ... although some isp do cap them at $40 (additional) each month.  
You have to watch your activity!  Some even have half-price downloads after 
midnight ... but my mummy says: now that I've retired I can see no good 
reason to watch the dawn come up regularly!!

I came across a mob called 'aaNet'.  They offer a $25/month deal, a 1 Gig 
download limit ... and they service Canberra!  Has anyone dealt with them or 
know of any who have?    They are marching up the popularity charts conducted 
on Whirlpool and that seems a good recommend ... but after the blank looks I 
got from other providers when I mentioned (a) linux and (b) macintosh (OS 9), 
I am cautious.  I have my own modem ... more blank looks from providers who 
bundle packages.

As it seems I have only to take a 6-month contract, I am thinking I might give 
them a go ... providing there are no negatives.  The aaNet package includes 
the usual fixed address, multiple mailboxes, etc.  It seems a great deal ...

Any comments anyone??


Irena & Richard Jenkins     VK1NDV & VK1RJ

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