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Thu May 27 02:05:06 GMT 2004

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We bought one from Belkin a couple of years ago, can't remember the model
number and I'm not sitting in front of it but it was a 2x8 - that is 8
inputs and 2 outputs.  Very handy as we generally have 3 sysadmins working
in close proximity and this enables two to work at the same time directly.

I highly recomment the 2-output thing to anyone that might need it.  However
I don't really recommend Belkin.  The stuff works but the screens are
slightly blurry, one more than the other (definitely bearable but not
ideal).  We payed in the high 3-figure range if I recall correctly but we
should have payed about 50% more and got a really quality box.

Check that the svga cables have the ferrite beads on them (a lump near the 
plug at each end.) This is required to dampen reflections which produce 
shadows or ghosts on long cables and blurriness on short ones, especially if
you wind up the resolution/refresh rate.

Regards, Frank Ranner

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