[clug] KVM Question

Doug Schache doug.schache at zantech.com.au
Wed May 26 13:11:36 GMT 2004


check out the rextron myhoppers on rextron.com.au 
you can buy them on www.switchbox.com.au

They are about half the price and have the highest video quality and
reliability I have seen on any desktop KVM in the market

blatant.plug.disclaimer ..  i own zantech.com.au and switchbox.com.au 
but the reply seems relevant to the question so I hope its ok

anyone with questions about KVM is welcome to email me and ask


On Wed, 2004-05-26 at 16:17, Neill Cox wrote:
> All,
> I've found myself in need of a four port kvm.  Currently I'm leaning
> torwards a ServerLink SL451 from Harris Technology.
> Pros:
>  1) it's in stock
>  2) Not too expensive ($299 inc cables)
>  3) Made in Australia).
> Cons:
> I know almost nothing about KVMs.
> Does anyone have a reason I shouldn't buy this KVM?  I'm looking to use it
> with both Linux/X and occasionaly other (MS) operating systrems.
> I'm thinking of piccking one up on the way home.  Not much time to get
> your opinions in!
> Cheers,
> Neill
Doug Schache
Ph +61 3 9545 6300
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