[clug] KVM Question

John Fletcher fletchweb at optusnet.com.au
Wed May 26 11:53:50 GMT 2004

We bought one from Belkin a couple of years ago, can't remember the model
number and I'm not sitting in front of it but it was a 2x8 - that is 8
inputs and 2 outputs.  Very handy as we generally have 3 sysadmins working
in close proximity and this enables two to work at the same time directly.

I highly recomment the 2-output thing to anyone that might need it.  However
I don't really recommend Belkin.  The stuff works but the screens are
slightly blurry, one more than the other (definitely bearable but not
ideal).  We payed in the high 3-figure range if I recall correctly but we
should have payed about 50% more and got a really quality box.


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On Wed, 26 May 2004, Neill Cox wrote:

> I've found myself in need of a four port kvm.  Currently I'm leaning
> torwards a ServerLink SL451 from Harris Technology.

I've recently switched from a mechanical one to an electronic KVM switch and
solved a lot of problems.   I dont think I'd consider using a mechanical one
ever again.  This new one has an on screen display which is invoked by
hitting the
<CTRL> key 3 times in quick succession.  Dont use one of these if you want
to play
games that use the <CTRL> key for fire! :-)

Its an 8 port KNV108 from SI.  We paid $798 without cables.


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