[clug] [for sale] free: Sparc2 + Mac 7200

Michael James clug at james.st
Wed May 26 07:37:27 GMT 2004

This stuff is free, ring me and arrange to drop over.

2 Mac 7200/120s	(with disk, some memory, keyboard + mouse)

2 Sparc 2s, no disk, little memory, 1 has graphics

1 Laserwriter IIg		(Ethertalk)

1 ATX desktop case with power supply,  solid but phenomenally ugly

All with onsite guarantee.  eg: Once it's off (my) site it's your problem.

Also broken Mac 6200


Michael James			michael at james.st
8 Brennan St			work:  02 6246 5040
Hackett, ACT 2602		home:  02 6247 2556

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