[clug] Looking for a webserver/mailserver management system

Grahame Jordan gbj at theforce.com.au
Wed May 26 06:55:55 GMT 2004


I have something in development - most of the hard work has been done.
Can securely connect to any server and configure it.
Runs with java front end, java/perl backend.

Does DNS, users, virtual mail aliases on sendmail (The perl can be adjusted
for any email system accept I expect a MS based one :)), sets up virtual
hosting etc on apache.

I have been working on the office oriented stuff lately users/samba etc. but
the other stuff is fairly well implemented but needs work.

This might meet your needs.



> Hi,
> I'm looking for some kind of open-source integrated system for managing
> customer websites. One which provides an interface for me to add new
> domains and manage the DNS records and provides login for external
> users to upload their site. Perhaps even letting me setup mailboxes and
> aliases too.
> I know I could glue Apache/Exim/Bind/ProFTPd/etc together to get this
> to work with LDAP, but does anyone know of a system that has already
> done the hard yards and Just Works(tm) ?
> I don't need much functionality, it just needs to be very low
> maintainence.
> Any ideas?
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