Telecommuting (was Re: [clug] Perl programming in Japan for a year)

Alex Satrapa grail at
Wed May 26 06:47:38 GMT 2004

On Wednesday, May 26, 2004, at 15:55 Australia/Canberra, Michael Still 

> The hardest bits are missing out on the office gossip and free grog ...
> I find I get a lot more work done at home, and still do it from time 
> to time.

One could argue that productivity is inversely proportional to 
distraction level. Thus you are more productive *because* you miss out 
on the gossip. That's true even when you work in the same physical 
location - the people who are more productive in the office also tend 
to be the less politically involved (and vice versa). Then of course 
there are the people like me who are neither productive nor politically 
involved ;)

On Wednesday, May 26, 2004, at 16:21 Australia/Canberra, Gough, Chris 

>  ... I sometimes have to explain to friends
> and family that while I'm at home in my pajamas with a case of 
> microphone
> head, I'm actually working, so no, I can't go rock climbing / fix the
> leaking tap.

One hint I read (saw on TV?) a while ago was that when working from 
home, you should get into work clothes, and actually go into a part of 
the house designated as the home office. This way you and those around 
you will find it easier to take the "working from home" thing seriously 
- if you're dressed for business, and in the office, you're obviously 
not to be distracted. If you're pondering some code on your laptop in 
the lounge room while sipping a coffee, it's harder for others to 
believe that you're "at work".

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