[clug] Perl programming in Japan for a year

Gough, Chris Chris.Gough at cit.act.edu.au
Wed May 26 06:21:58 GMT 2004

Paul Wayper wrote:
> How many other people on the list end up doing 'work' not at the actual 
> place of employment?  (I know Tridge does, sort of, for instance...)

I telecommuted every second week (Sydney office) for about one year, and it
didn't work out very well. I was working to the direction of someone with a
non systematic approach to project management (that's a euphemism), which is
probably the cause of the problems. I didn't spend much time in 'the
productive zone' during Sydney weeks, because the interruptions (formal
meetings, informal conversations, etc) would queue up from the home weeks.
The home weeks were spent trying to catch up on the non productive Sydney

That was quite a few years ago. For the last 2 1/2 years I have worked about
25% from home, and it has been good. I sometimes have to explain to friends
and family that while I'm at home in my pajamas with a case of microphone
head, I'm actually working, so no, I can't go rock climbing / fix the
leaking tap.

Chris Gough

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