[clug] Linux firewall

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Wed May 26 06:00:34 GMT 2004

Duncan Bolt wrote:


> I want one that will log in to transact, share the internet NAT, and 
> also share the video stream for TV.
> I thought about setting up a smoothwall linux box, but my main worry 
> about this space and noise. I am sure that this could be configured to 
> do everything.
> How easy is it to do this ?

I use a Pentium 133 for all of that (except the video stuff, but I do 
equivalent routing stuff) and more. It's not too hard, especially if you 
start off with a basic implementation and build up on the functionality 
over time.

> Can it be done without a hardisk ?
> eg to boot off a CD or floppy and do everything else with a RAM Disk.

Yes, but you're going to need some way to store configuration if you 
don't have a hard disk. Perhaps a compact flash card, or NFS would help 
you here.

> Would I be better off buying a cheap Ethernet firewall box instead ?

I'd be very tempted by a WRT54G wireless access point from Cisco. It's a 
linux box, so you can configure it, it's silent, it's small, it's blue, 
it gives you wireless coverage while you're at it, and it's only about 
$170, less if you shop lift it.



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