[clug] [HELP] Wireless pci cards. What should I buy.

Edwin Gibbons efg at elbethel.apana.org.au
Tue May 25 09:13:59 GMT 2004

Hi John,

... I have been happily using a Netgear MA311 PCI card and Hostap to provide
wireless connectivity within the house for a few months without problems using
pebble (from nycwireless.net).   [Linux - it just works ...]


At 11:32 AM 25/05/2004, Telek, John wrote:

>I'm looking for advice on which pci wireless cards to buy.
>I have a DWL520 ( not the 520+ ) and have given up trying to make it
>work under linux.
>The driver bawks because the card shares an IRQ with another device.
>Price is not an issue and all I want is 802.11b.
>Any suggestions would be great.
>   John

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