[clug] [slightly OT] PC transport

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Mon May 24 07:24:04 GMT 2004

On Monday, May 17, 2004, at 16:51 Australia/Canberra, Simon Burton 

> It looks like I will try to take my desktop machine (it's a beast), 
> not including the monitor.
> Does anyone have hints on the best way to do this?

I have successfully transported PCs across the continent using airlines 
by squeezing everything into a smaller case (eg: one of the mini 
desktop cases), then wrapping it all in four layers of alternating 
bubblewrap (the 2cm bubbles) and light sponge foam (the 1cm thick 
stuff). Then stick it in a large 2-ply corrugated cardboard box, fill 
empty space with crushed newspaper and tape shut with gaffer tape. 
Apply gaffer tape liberally all over to stop the cardboard being 

I tested it all by dropping the whole kit and kaboodle onto solid 
concrete from 2m, on the corner of the box. It bounced and damaged the 
corners of the outer box, but the discs still worked. Note that 
dropping onto carpet or ashphalt defeats the purpose of testing, since 
they are softer than concrete.

Use the system as a soccer ball for a while (the baggage handlers 
willl, anyway), and consider taping "handles" onto the box to encourage 
the handlers to carry it properly. Label it with "Fragile" and "Heavy" 
- this guarantees two handlers will carry it to save their backs, thus 
ensuring slightly gentler handling (that, or you'll have twice the 
initial momentum). Last I checked, places like Pack 'n' Send or TNT 
have the big orange/yellow "Heavy" stickers. Make it important to the 
handler to be careful ;)

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