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Ahhh, Stallman.


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Some on this list may or may not know that from October 5-7 we will be
running our first developer conference in Sydney.  We are running it as
a vendor neutral, platform agnostic conference that will expose
developers to a range of technologies, methodologies, tips etc in just
one event.

While we are busy finishing the micro-site for the event at the moment I
can announce that one of our Keynotes will be Richard Stallman. (Founder
of the GNU Project and the free software foundation).  We have a few
other high profile speakers planned but I cannot publicly announce them
just yet. Like any event it won’t be all work and we’ll be having some
fun social activities planned.

In the meantime, If you are interested in speaking at the conference
we’ve set up a Call for Papers Web form and guidelines:


If there are any further questions about the event feel free to contact
me off list.




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