[clug] Print to Windows Printer

Stephen Collins trib at stephencollins.org
Fri May 21 23:40:59 GMT 2004

Here's my situation:

* Home network with:
   * Fedora Core 1 workstation
   * Windows XP workstation with hp psc 1350 printer set up for sharing

What I want to do is print to the printer on the Windows box from the 
Fedora box.  I have tried each of the following to set up the printer on 
the Fedora box as an SMB queue:

* redhat-config-printer
* webmin
* CUPS on localhost:631

Sending a test page to the printer after using either of the first two 
results in nada.  The local queue shows the job, which I can kill, but 
nothing happens at the Windows end.  With redhat-config-printer or 
webmin, I get the error:

Unable to connect to SAMBA host, will retry in 60 seconds... ERROR: 
Connection failed with error NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL

Using CUPS, a job named "Remote Downlevel Document" is sent to the 
printer, but never gets processed.  It just seems to get "stuck".  The 
local (Linux) queue shows the job, which I can kill.  The only way to 
remove it from the queue on the Windows box is to reboot the sucker.

On a previous (RH9) Linux box, and an older Canon printer I had, this 
all just worked.  Now it's cactus and I'd really like to fix it.  Can 
anyone offer some sage advice to get me moving in the right direction?


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