[clug] Wireless hotspots.

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Wed May 19 08:03:26 GMT 2004


More as Proof of concept than anything else. Apart from the fact that Marco
only has 20 odd tables, and Val has about 30, it was just set like this
while we found out how popular they would be before released more addresses,
but also whilst we configure the nodes for proper use/etc. I know a few of
you may be shaking your heads wondering what planet I'm on, Keep in mind
that most people will see the information, read the ads, think "that's nice,
but I don't know what wireless is, let alone own anything that works with
it.", then plug their nice shiny new Centrino laptops into their phone line
and check their email.

That said, be aware that at least one node will be rate limited per MAC
address, so if you want to suck down the entire first season of <insert
favourite sitcom here> on a Sunday afternoon, you won't kill the link for
everyone else. It may take a few Sunday afternoons for you to do it is all.
>From hopefully this weekend (read: when Telstra stop escalating the problem
with the service at Val's and just fix it, and I get to spend a long night
installing both nodes properly), they will be able to handle a significant
larger number of connections/transfer rates.

But, if they are slow/swamped/unable to connect/time out/etc please email me
or ring me to let me know this fact. Whilst I will be visiting both sites a
fair bit over the next month, If people don't tell us, we don't know it
needs fixing.


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On Tue, May 18, 2004 at 06:53:51PM +1000, Steve Walsh wrote:
> The SSID is NERDBAND (original, I know), and nothing apart from a 2.11b or
> 2.11g capable device is needed to access the nodes. Whilst we see how
> popular the hotspots are we have limited them to 16 DHCP addresses, so if
> you can't get on, please let me know so I know that they are full.

Is the 16 IP address restriction to prevent congestion of your pipe out of
the hotspot (i.e. only 16 simultaneous users) or because you're using
real-world IP addresses and not NAT?


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