[clug] Wireless hotspots.

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Tue May 18 08:53:51 GMT 2004


You've kinda tipped my hand here, as we were hoping to wait a week or two
before announcing this, but Nerdvana and Powerband Networks are jointly
rolling out some (permanently) free wireless hotspots. We have one at Deli
Marco in Dickson (near the NAB) and one at Cafe Valentino's in Garema Place.
We will be rolling more out soon, so providing this doesn't interfere with
the "No Advertising" condition of the list, I'm happy to keep people up to
date with the Locations as they are activated.

The SSID is NERDBAND (original, I know), and nothing apart from a 2.11b or
2.11g capable device is needed to access the nodes. Whilst we see how
popular the hotspots are we have limited them to 16 DHCP addresses, so if
you can't get on, please let me know so I know that they are full.

Valentino's Hotspot internet access has been crippled due to a Telstra
screwup with the provisioning of the data service, but we're expecting that
node to be full operational by this weekend.

Many Thanks

Stephen Walsh
Nerdvana Systems Pty Ltd
Ph: 626 22 555

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I just got myself a new HP Ipaq 4150 and have been playing wireless with

There is a free ( for the moment ) hotspot in Dickson run by interact.
There are also a shitload others including one who's street address is
the network identifier.

Also, how come there are so many open networks at ANU ? And no, I'm not
game to find out how open either.
Are there any public accesspoints in ANU or are people not smart enough
to configure their routers properly.


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