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Andrew Over andrew.over at cs.anu.edu.au
Mon May 17 02:39:59 GMT 2004

On Mon, May 17, 2004 at 07:51:20AM +0100, Simon Burton wrote:
> It looks like I will try to take my desktop machine (it's a beast), not including the monitor.
> Does anyone have hints on the best way to do this? 
> Should I get special luggage or use the box? I will be flying there and back.
> Any help on securing my baby much appreciated.

I've had the "fun" experience of moving a PC between the US and
Australia as checked baggage.  A few observations:

- Back things up before you go.

- Remove the hard drives.  No really.  Yes I know they're nicely secured
  to the case, but remove them and take them carry on (then endure the
  fun security questions about whether they're hard drives or plastic

- I tried my case's original box (complete with all sorts of foam
  padding.  It seemed to keep the case undamaged.

- Fragile stickers are hit or miss.  Some baggage handlers seem to
  interpret them as "please kick me" stickers.

- If you have a case with detachable/removable drive trays, remove them
  or superglue them.  Basically if it can come loose, it will come loose,
  most likely in association with a rapid deceleration.

- Consider also removing your heat sink.  Yes I sound like a loon.  But
  my heat sink came loose bounced around my case and ate my 3 month old
  (and rather expensive at the time) GeForce 4.
I guess to summarise, be *really* careful about this, particularly with
anything that could come loose internally.  With the exception of the
graphics card, my machine survived 3 flights (though I have no idea which
airline did the damage).  Remove hard drives.  Don't even chance it.

Good luck (and I hope "fragile" stickers work for you),
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