[clug] Linux NAS product demo for a meeting?

Steve Jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Mon May 17 00:51:31 GMT 2004

One of the few products at CeBIT that impressed me - a linux based NAS
product that wrote @ 25Mb/sec [1Gb in 40sec] over ethernet.  It also
allowed disks to be removed, shuffled and put back.  I don't know how
the pricing compares to other NAS boxes. It is higher than DIY on

Are folks interested in getting the distributor down from Sydney for a
demo?  Would a normal meeting night be best or before the meeting [like

The distributor is also looking for resellers for all those of you out
there running businesses :-)

Not sure where the product was developed or built.

They also have another line of RAID products [Arena] on their site based
around i960 & other RISC engines.


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