[clug] ADSL modem/router hell...p

Ellis prellis at pcug.org.au
Sun May 16 06:54:04 GMT 2004

You've got to understand that I'm already in hell. It's the level of hell
called "Too Much Choice".

I think that I've worked out which plan makes the most sense, and now I need
to find/choose an ADSL modem-router-switch-filter-thingy.

So, to avoid making this too complicated for my poor brain, that melts down
on richness of choice...
Does anyone have an ADSL modem-router-switch-filter-thingy that:
1.    works,
2.    is unwanted (perhaps because you've just connected to TransAct),
3.    preferably has four ethernet ports,
4.    is a friend of Tux as well as Bill, and
5.    they are willing to sell.

Interviewees may line up on my current email address. They will be
interviewed in order.


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