[clug] Where does the traffic go?

Jepri jepri at webone.com.au
Fri May 14 01:16:16 GMT 2004

iptraf or ntop should do trick

Paul Wayper wrote:

> Hi people!
> Being a curious type of person, I'm interested in running something on 
> either my SmoothWall machine or my Linux machine that can see which 
> machines on my network are making the traffic.  While SmoothWall has 
> (something like) MRTG built in this only seems to work on a 
> per-interface basis, so as long as each machine was on a separate 
> network card on the SmoothWall machine that would give me what I want.  
> Is there some clever script using snoop, or am I going to have to write 
> one?
> TIA,
> Paul
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