[clug] Spam: OT: Velocity Internet problems?

Mark Francis mark at canb2c.com
Wed May 12 05:14:39 GMT 2004

Dale Shaw wrote:

>Hey all,
>Has anyone else with a Velocity connection noticed any problems over the
>past few days? I'm just trying to work out if it's a problem at my end
>before logging a fault with them. I'm seeing pretty ordinary web
>performance and some stuff like missing images, style sheets not
>applying etc. I know they do transparent proxying so I suspected their
>web proxy.
>I haven't noticed any performance problems with other protocols, just
>some dodgy stuff being displayed in my browser. Anyone else?
I use Velocity. I also run my own DNS and proxy servers (amongst 
others). I have noticed some minor problems but I have not looked into 
the cause yet.

I occasionally get "no route to host" messages. If I retry accessing the 
page the error goes away.

I have also just noticed that the Debian "apt-get update" command does 
not always complete cleanly. I get the odd error such as "Err 
http://ftp2.de.debian.org testing/non-US/main Packages","Error reading 
from server - read (104 Connection reset by peer)". When I rerun apt-get 
update the failed downloads succeed. This is fairly reproducible if I rm 
-f /var/lib/apt/lists/* before running "apt-get update".

I have used rsync on a gentoo system a number of times without any 
apparent problems (emerge sync).

I transferred across from iinet a few weeks ago . Prior to that I 
experienced no connection problems so these problems may be coming from 
the Velocity proxy server (http, ftp but not rsync). I have not raised 
this with Velocity support.



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