[clug] Re: linux Digest, Vol 17, Issue 14

Rodney Peters rpeters at pcug.org.au
Wed May 12 03:48:17 GMT 2004

On Tuesday 11 May 2004 22:07,
> Darren Freeman wrote:
> Dear list,
> I will soon (2 months) be getting TransACT in my area (Macquarie). Big
> whoop! Last suburb getting TransACT!

>Talking to a friend (who lives in Macquarie, I was told that this upcoming
>service is not the usual TransAct cable, but an ADSL based service. He
>mentiones "TransAct 2" as a reference to the service. The suggestion was
>that a high bw ADSL service delivers one TV channel (the one you select)
>only, then a net connection and (I think) a phone service.

>Remember that ADSL is specified as 6MB, so the above story is doable.
>Anyone knows what the real story is?

Not entirely, nor entirely first hand.  I was at a presentation by a Transact 
sales guy a week ago.  He gave an overview of both their VDSL and ADSL 
services and mentioned that "using new technology ADSL" they are now able to 
offer TV over "conventional copper".  He did not say how far from the 

I was not present for much of the more detailed discussion with him and his 
technical side-kick over coffee, but gather from a network specialist who was 

a sole supplier of a key VDSL component has gone bust and the technology is 
regarded as superceded anyway - TransACT have cached their remaining stock as 
20 yr spares and will not be rolling out any more hybrid fibre/copper 

the Belconnen exchange is scheduled for installation of TransACT ADSL 
equipment soon.  Neither I nor my informant gleaned whether this was the 
existing or new generation ADSL equipment.  

we did not find out what type of set-top box/modem is needed for the new 
generation ADSL.  The acronym for the new ADSL was mentioned, but escapes me.

I'm in the centre of Macquarie and have had no approaches from TransACT sales 
staff.  The Belconnen residential area and town centre are newer 
(underground ?) cabling.  I'm not optimistic that they can push the TV signal 
to my area.



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