[clug] [WANTED] ADSL modems

Francis James Whittle fudje at phreaker.net
Tue May 11 11:21:13 GMT 2004

That peer-to-peer thing exists (I presume you're talking about transcity
here), but you can't log into it *and* the internet at the same time,
hardly anyone uses it, and there's no support whatsoever.

On Tue, 2004-05-11 at 18:34, Michael Still wrote:
> Brett Worth wrote:
> > I'd do this except for the exit fine on the bundle.  It makes my
> > 256Kbit 1.5GB/unlimited Transact/ACTEWAGL access look sick.  For the price
> > of a phone I'd get 6x bandwidth and 10x peak download.  Of course I'd then
> > have to deal with iinet's (non existant) support.
> And they never did bother to do that peer to peer thing did they? My 
> unlimited traffic ADSL starts to look even better.
> On the iinet point -- there are lots of providers offering that or 
> better now. Checkout whirlpool for more information.
> Mikal

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