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Ambrose Andrews ambrose at vrvl.net
Tue May 11 03:04:52 GMT 2004

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Darren Freeman wrote:
> Dear list,
> I will soon (2 months) be getting TransACT in my area (Macquarie). Big
> whoop! Last suburb getting TransACT!
> Are there any compatible ADSL modems for sale? A friend also wants one
> for the same reason.
> Any recommendations for/against TransACT? I intend to do some IP
> masquerading and I hope they don't mind.
> Have fun,
> Darren

re ADSL its not ADSL, i think it's VDSL or something.

they provide a modem if you get the i3 set top box, or else theres a 
modem included in the Motorola set top box.

re. masquerading That would be a matter between you and your i.s.p.

ActewAGL is cheap, but at least once upon a time they had a (rather 
interesting) clause to the effect that 'servers of all kinds' are 
prohibited (which i can only assume to mean everything from an ssh 
daemon to a freenet node).

As far as I've noticed none of the others have any problem with LANs and 

I went with velocity.  Very good so far.

Transact have a dedicated senate committees channel on their TV service 


I suspect theres cheaper broadband around than Transact...

...but with the phone and TV and all, its a tricky comparison.


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