[clug] OT ? - local ISPs with a community focus

Ellis prellis at pcug.org.au
Mon May 10 20:52:33 GMT 2004

Hi, fellow listers.

I am seeking the names (and contact details) of genuinely local Canberra
ISPs or, at least, organisations that can become a 'virtual' ISP for a
Canberra community arts organisation seeking sponsorship through "in-kind"
services of an ISP:
    a. web site - probably only 10MB would be needed;
    b. email system - access to a 'list' system would be ideal, but fixed
email addresses would be okay.

The best solution would be an ISP that would sponsor www.community-group.org
or .com, but the alternative would be a sponsor that would provide

I already understand the type of email system with lists and aliases. That's
easy to use, setting up separate lists for the committee, certain
specialised lists for discussions, etc.

Of course, I'll welcome anyone with offers. Please contact me.

With thanks,
for a local Canberra arts organisation

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