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Rousak, Boris Boris.Rousak at actewagl.com.au
Tue May 4 01:03:11 GMT 2004

G'day Ben,

OK, last time I checked RH advanced server 2.1 (don't know about 3.0) came
with the source code as well as binaries so I guess that makes it open
On the issue of support: RH last year was absolutely disgraceful, however
they seem to have picked up their act somewhat. They are even planning to
setup another support in Sydney (currently there is only 1 in Brisbane).
However there are no plans as yet, AFAIK, about setting one up in Canberra
although according to the sales guy from RH: "as soon as the demand warrants
it, one will be established promptly".
Also if you are planning to run RH AD 2.1 on the IBM x series machines you
may need to download drivers "RH on blade server" from the IBM website, why
this is the case, I do not know.
Personally I have nothing but praise for stability of RH linux, but as most
people on this list will tell you RH differs somewhat in the way they
implement various feature from the various standards, outlined by various
bodies, stuff like xinetd etc. Having said that though its not really that
hard to pick up what's what and where. 
BTW Oracle now gears its RDBMSs to linux and can provide support for both
the DBMS and linux itself. They also claim that Oracle DB can be optimised
for running really well on linux at the fraction of the cost of other
platforms. Their preferred linux is RH AD 2.1

Also keep in mind that there are plenty of other distros, like Debian and
SuSE to name a few, so give them a go as they may suit your purposes much

Right well I hope at least some of this is useful to you.

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Hey y'all,
My work place, which is a long time dedicated winXX and Lotus Notes based
environment, is about to launch a mini-project into looking at the
viability of open source alternatives to proprietary software (for
everything from the desktop to servers). Obviously, linux will feature
heavily in our trials. What I want is some recommendations for flavours to
use in building an App/Database/Web server - something robust. What is the
current feeling towards the Redhat enterprise product? Is this still
considered open source?
Thanks, Ben

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