[clug] Yellowdoglinux (version 3.0.1)

Irena and Richard Jenkins rjenkins at alphalink.com.au
Tue May 4 00:56:38 GMT 2004

I have a need for a new copy of disk 1 of the YDL three-disk series... dated 
20 Nov 2003.  My copy of the earlier version (taken from 
mirror.aarnet.edu.au) seems to be faulty.  Installs seem to break down before 
they really start.  If you could assist ... with a copy from e.g. 
mirror.pacific.net.au ... I would be eternally in your debt AND I would give 
you a blank disk.  Can you assist please??

Irena & Richard Jenkins     VK1NDV & VK1RJ

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