[clug] Needing HTML render widget

Jepri jepri at webone.com.au
Mon May 3 12:33:16 GMT 2004

I just want to render a little bit of HTML in C or Perl (either, since I 
can hook up C libs to Perl).

I've currently found 3 possibilities:

GtkHTML - Works, documentation minimal and deceptive where it exists.
Gecko - Doesn't work(on my system), superb documentation
KHTML - Doesn't seem to exist in Debian?

If anyone has a clue about getting these to work easily, and play nicely 
(e.g. scrollbars, etc), I'd really appreciate a few pointers.

PS Yes, I know I could just read the source - but then again, the 
developers could just write the documentation.

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