[clug] FC2 no longer loads - black x cursor lock.

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Mon May 3 07:39:27 GMT 2004

Well, I seem to have stuffed something up well today.

I've got a machine which is my dual-purpose gaming (W2K) and development 
(FC2) machine.  Each operating system was on a separate hard disk.  Of 
course, once I installed W2K I couldn't boot up FC2, so I went through the 
reinstallation process from CD again and installed over the previous FC2 

Now Grub has taken over the boot process and won't load W2K (locks up after 
saying ...).  FC2 loads, but complains about a date error in loading a 
kernel module, checks the partitions after an unsuccessful power down, and 
then loads up the graphical display.  At this point the screen flicks into 
graphics mode and I get a black screen with the black X cross of 
X-windows.  The Fedora 'waiting' hourglass shows for a second, the screen 
switches modes again, and then the X cross comes up again.  At this point 
the mouse doesn't work at all, the keyboard is fine, but Alt-Ctrl-Del does 
nothing (that I can see on screen anyway).  The only way out is to reset.

Now, I know I've had FC2 working on this machine before and I've chosen 
exactly the same keyboard, mouse and screen combinations as last time.  So 
can anyone give me a bit of instruction on how at least to boot up into 
text mode so I can try setting the X screen mode to see if that's the 
problem?  I may be a Solaris hacker from way back but that doesn't seem to 
translate into knowing how to get Linux and Fedora Core working... :-(

Thanks in advance,


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